How to administer medicine to your pitbull?

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When you are giving liquid medicine to your pitbull, it is a good idea to pull the lips away from the side of the mouth, form a lip pocket, and let the liquid trickle past the tongue.

Remain at his side, never in front of the pitbull, as he may cough and spray you with the liquid. Moreover, you must never pour liquid medicine while the victim’s tongue is drawn out, as inhalation pneumonia could be the disastrous result.

Medicine in pill form is best administered by forcing the dog’s mouth open, holding his head back, and placing the capsule as far back on his tongue as you can reach.

To do this: put the palm of your hand over the pitbull’s muzzle (his foreface) with your fingers on one side of his jaw, your thumb on the other. Press his lips hard against his teeth while using your other hand to pull down his lower jaw.

With your two fingers, try to put the pill as far back on the dog’s tongue as you can reach. Keep his mouth and nostrils closed and he should be forced to swallow the medicine.

As the pitbull will not be feeling well, stroke his neck to comfort him and help him swallow his medicine more easily. Do keep an eye on him for a few moments afterward, however, to make certain that your sick pitbull does not spit it out.