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A backlinks is the most valuable link you can get to your site. Any link from another web page to your own is considered a backlink. Here are a couple of social bookmarking sites without the nofollow guaranteed to help you to build the ever elusive one way backlink.

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Yet another Toshiba battery recall

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Fourth battery recall in barely a year
Iain Thomson, 13 Aug 2007

Toshiba has been forced to issue yet another battery recall due to safety fears, its fourth in barely a year.

The recall, issued through the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, recalls some of Toshiba's Satellite A100, Satellite A105 and Tecra A7 ranges that are powered by batteries manufactured by Sony. Some 1,400 laptops are thought to be affected.

"Over a relatively short period, certain incidents occurred where certain battery packs installed in Toshiba portable computers caught fire," said the company in a statement.

"Based on its investigation, Sony Corporation, supplier of the subject batteries, concluded that certain battery cells manufactured in a specific manufacturing lot could be affected by a certain issue that could potentially lead to a safety issue."

It's been a bad year for Toshiba and other laptop manufacturers that use batteries manufactured by Sony.

In September last year it was forced to recall 340,000 faulty batteries after two laptops caught fire during operation. Last month another 10,000 batteries were recalled.

The battery recalls from major manufacturers have hit Sony hard. The company admitted losing over $340 million over the battery recalls.


Classmates: A Popular Social Networking Website

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Have you ever wondered whatever happened to your high school sweetheart? How about your best friend who you lost contact with overtime? If you have there is a good chance that you have tried to contact them. Unfortunately, many individuals get married or move away. This may make it difficult to contact those that you used to know. That is unless you join one of the most popular online social networking websites. That website is known as Classmates.

Although classmates is considered a social networking website, it is, in a way, unique from most of the others. This is because classmates focuses on connections that were made in school, whether it be elementary school, high school, or college. Although it is encouraged that you contact those that you know from school, you are able to contact just about anyone on the website. That is one of the many features of Classmates that makes the social networking site worth joining.

The only problem that many internet users have with Classmates is the fact that it is often requires a paid membership. There is a free membership plan that is available, but you are limited with what you can do on the site. Despite the fact that you have to become a paid member to enjoy what Classmates has to offer, it is well worth it. In addition to being well worth it, the membership fee is easy to afford. Currently, there are three different levels of membership that you can sign up for, the highest being only five dollars a month.

If you are interested in seeing what Classmates has to offer, you can easily do so by visiting their online website at Once at their main page, you will have to go through the process of selecting your school. Once that has been done, you will then need to create a user profile. This profile is part of what will be displayed on the website; however, once you officially become a member you can add more information to your profile.

With a free membership, you can post your own profile and view profiles from other members. Viewing the profiles of other members, especially those that you went to school with, is easy. Classmates has separated everyone into categories. These categories not only include the schools that everyone went to, but the years that they attended. This means that whether you graduated in 1970 or 2000, you should easily be able to obtain information on your classmates.

Although you can view other member profiles with a free membership, you cannot contact them. To make contact with those that you have lost touch with, you will need to become a paying member. As previously mentioned, this membership is relatively easy to afford. Once you have become a paid member, you cannot not only contact your classmates individually, but you can also send out broadcast messages or announcements to everyone that you went to school with. A paid membership also gives you the ability to use the message boards.

By joining Classmates, you will not only be able to make contact with your old classmates and friends, but you may also even be able to renew old friendships or make new ones. Reconnecting with your old friends and making new ones, what could be better than that?


Menu Foods Reports Quarterly Loss on Pet-Food Recall (Update1)

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By Kevin Bell

Aug. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Menu Foods Income Fund, the Canadian owner of a company that recalled more than 60 million cans of pet food, reported a second-quarter net loss as sales plunged 44 percent after customers canceled orders.

The net loss was C$3.6 million ($3.4 million), or 19 cents a unit, compared with profit of C$1.97 million, or 11 cents, a year earlier, the company said today in a statement. Sales fell to C$47.2 million. Since the March 16 recall, customers accounting for at least 16 percent of revenue stopped using Menu Foods Ltd.

The company, North America's biggest maker of store-brand pet food, recalled the products after some cats and dogs that ate them became sick with kidney failure and later died. Most of the C$45 million in recall costs have been included in the last two quarterly results, Menu Foods said.

Menu Foods stock, known as units, dropped 17 cents, or 5.2 percent, to C$3.10 by 4 p.m. in trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange. They have plunged 58 percent since March 15, the day before the recall was announced. Income trusts avoid most corporate taxes because they pay the bulk of their cash flow.

Menu Foods, based in Streetsville, Ontario, also said it agreed to sell a production facility in South Dakota to Mars Inc. for $26.3 million. The proceeds will go to pay down debt, the company said.

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