How to administer medicine to your pitbull?

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When you are giving liquid medicine to your pitbull, it is a good idea to pull the lips away from the side of the mouth, form a lip pocket, and let the liquid trickle past the tongue.

Remain at his side, never in front of the pitbull, as he may cough and spray you with the liquid. Moreover, you must never pour liquid medicine while the victim’s tongue is drawn out, as inhalation pneumonia could be the disastrous result.

Medicine in pill form is best administered by forcing the dog’s mouth open, holding his head back, and placing the capsule as far back on his tongue as you can reach.

To do this: put the palm of your hand over the pitbull’s muzzle (his foreface) with your fingers on one side of his jaw, your thumb on the other. Press his lips hard against his teeth while using your other hand to pull down his lower jaw.

With your two fingers, try to put the pill as far back on the dog’s tongue as you can reach. Keep his mouth and nostrils closed and he should be forced to swallow the medicine.

As the pitbull will not be feeling well, stroke his neck to comfort him and help him swallow his medicine more easily. Do keep an eye on him for a few moments afterward, however, to make certain that your sick pitbull does not spit it out.



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Ready Made Searches

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Are you searching for the same stuff on the web that everybody is after? Are you searching for forsikring? The solution to how to successfully find that is to go to sites that provides ready made searches. Ready made searches in the sense that they have lists of what people before you have searched for.

Like lån. It can be any broad topic like music, cars ,bil, cd, free stuff, stores to buy books or it can be very narrowed searches like fast cheap cars, irish rock music from 1980 to 1981 or umbrellas from Spain. You must make sure that the web sites that have the ready made searches you are taking advantage from have their own search engine. Meta searches will not do it as you will get to broad results. Also make sure that the sites you use have been around for a while. New sites tend to have less lån opportunities than older sites. The older sites has build up a cache full of search results so they can serve you very quick, they also know what people want. If you have to use a new site, expect to wait a bit longer for the search results. Another thing to remember is that it is best to use sites that are dedicating them self to one country. Then the search results will be very specific to what you are after. An example of an old reise site that is restricted to only one country is This site crawls the whole norwegian web for you and deliver results quickly on demand. FREE DOMAIN NAME OFFER!

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Wedding Invitations: Choosing the right wording and addressing.

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For invitations to wedding ceremony only, do not include an R.S.V.P. Dates and times should be written out (half after eight o’clock in the morning instead of 8:30, and the twenty-eighth of March instead of March 28)
Spell out the titles of a person, save that of Mr. And Mrs. Jr. is optional, though can be written out as junior – small j.

For truly formal events: Write the names in full, even the middle names. Rather than use an initial, it is better to omit. All the words must be spelled out, including the hour, the date, and the year. All the words in the address must be spelled out too – excepting Mount (Mt.) and Saint (St.). Zip codes are never included in the addresses. For names, use Roman Numerals (IV except “4th” or “the fourth”) The use of the British spellings “favour” and “honour” are entirely appropriate, though you may opt for the regular spelling if you want to.
Use proper request lines: “Request the pleasure of your company” If the ceremony will take place in a house of worship, use “Request the honour of your presence” instead. “The favour of a reply is requested", “Respond please”, or “R.S.V.P.” should be written on the reception card. In the absence of such cards, “reception immediately following” may be included on the last line of the invitation, at the lower left-hand corner. “Share and celebrate in their joy”


Explore the Beauty and Excitement that Croatia has to Offer!

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Croatia is the perfect travel destination for anyone that is looking for an exciting vacation that is centered around the beauty of nature. Thanks to its diverse terrain, Croatia was actually named as the Destination of the Year in 2006 by National Geographic Adventure Magazine. Croatia truly lives up to its official tourism slogan of “The Mediterranean As It Once Was.”

Croatia is located in Southern Europe. The country features a wide variety of terrain. Throughout the northern areas, you will find lakes, hills and plains. The coastlines of the Adriatic Sea are quite rocky, while Gorski Kotar and Lika have mountains which are densely wooded. Like the terrain, Croatia’s climate is also quite varied. In addition to the terrain and climate of mainland Croatia, there are also over one thousand diverse islands which make up offshore Croatia.

Croatia is most famous for its breathtaking national parks. In total, there are eight different national parks throughout Croatia. In addition to national parks, Croatia boasts ten different nature parks. Under Croatian law, national and nature parks are both protected areas of nature.

In addition to the wonderful natural attractions of Croatia, all the major cities offer a thriving nightlife. There are a countless number of delicious restaurants, and many of these feature live music for your listening pleasure. If you are looking for bars or pubs, you won’t have a hard time finding them.

Overall, Croatia really is the perfect destination for anyone. With a little searching, you should be able to find a reasonable price for a flight over there. Once you arrive, you will find that you can have a lot of fun for a reasonable price. Accommodations throughout Croatia are also well-priced and quite pleasant. Regardless of what you are trying to get out of your vacation, you will be able to find it in Croatia!

If you're planning a Croatia holiday and want to find out more information about Croatia travel, Explore Croatia can help you plan your next Croatia vacation!


Improving your rankings in search engines and other helpful resources

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One of the best ways to promote your business is to get listed on a big business web directory. There are many reasons to get listed on a business directory and the main reason is that if someone is searching for many different companies it is very likely they will visit the big directories to find the best companies.

One of the biggest and best directories out there is the Global Internet Index (GII) and we recommend you to list your company there. Another service from GII is a website that contains information about Web Hosting India and they also provide some general India Websites Information. As this was not enough they also provide a web site design company that aims at Web Design for India. All these sites are well worth a visit, even if you are not from India.

Gii can help your business to get some exposure but there are also other ways to help improve the amount of visitors that you get to your website, no mather if it is a business or a personal webpage. One of the best ways to get new visitors is to improve your rankings in the search engines. This is a very time consuming task and you need to know what you are doing to get good results. If you do not have neither the knowledge or the time to do this you can hire someone to do it and this is where a SEO Company comes in. They can help you with all tasks that are related to search engine Optimization (SEO).

We recommend that you check out these good resources to help improve everything that has to do with your website, no mather if you run a big business or a small personal homepage.


Lasagna Supreme

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One day I was going to invite some friends over and I had to cook for them. Ready made food was just not going to do it this time, so I needed some good lasagna recipes, or any recipe at all actually. I went to my office and started up my computer, then searched in Google for ideas and after 1 hour of searching I had salsa recipes and others that made a hit. Starters, main course, desserts and even recipes for the drinks, all the recipes turned out to be really good and needless to say the evening was a great hit and my friends was very happy.

There are of course food recipes from all over the world on the net and wether you are looking for kids recipes, are chicken crazed, a cake junkie, a chocolate man, a cheese fan or a crock pot head you will easily find something that fit your taste. Another good thing you discover starting cook with recipes is that it is easy to cook good food, belive it or not, it is actually easy to make anything you want to eat. A course for a diabetic can look very difficult to make, but when you see the diabetic recipes and the rhubarb recipes you understand that all you need is the time to cook and the ingredientd. Actually, time is often not an issue, I was thinking of cooking as very time consuming, but now, when I have started I see that it is not time consuming to cooka good meal, its just fun and very relaxing, its just a good way to spend the time. Simple like that.


Lets play golf

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Golf are BIG in America, specially in the United States and Canada. Every day thousands and thousands of golfers in America saddle up their caddies and enjoys a joyful round or two, enjoying their new golf accessories. Well, one is maybe enough for us hobby golfers anyway. And what a way to get a good challenge, we need a challenge sometimes, dont we ? And we dont need to challenge anybody but ourselves, in our own tempo, what a relief, but some times is good to get a little golf instruction. Check out the new golf travels. Golf trips even gives us a good excuse to be outside, not only to sit in our sofa and watch the old tour videos. Try to shop around the internet to find suitable places to go. Many web sites offers golf packages that can fit both your wallet, your heart and your brain. Make shure the package fit your wallet, your heart will be happy, but your brain will suffer when you come home : ) Contact the local golf associations.html before going.

Golf is also a very popular sport in Europe and the popularity are growing day by day. Hurds of golfers in Europe visits the thousands of clubs and courses to enjoy a joyful round every day. There is one good golf association in denmark that you should contact for tips. Some are even suggesting that in many countries in Europe golf will become the new national sport. And why not, golf are a wonderful and relaxing sport that more people should enjoy, not only in Europe, but all over the world. And these days they are picking up on this sport in other parts of the world.


List of Niche Directories

Post a comment is a directory of directories with a list of almost 5000 web directories. They are very well categorized and include 100 niche directory and regional directory categories. Their niche categories include webmaster, Search Engine Optimization, legal and travel directories.

We have identified below some of the most influential SEO-friendly web directories to focus on. Recommended Niche Directories

Search Engine Optimization

101 SEO Resources is a SEO advice site that offers with tools and resources for webmasters.
Because of all their original SEO related content, a link on their SEO content directory can be very valuable in improving your Search engine rankings.

Legal is an online law and lawyer directory offering information in a directory format. The site offers legal info on a wide assortment of practice specialties such as Internet & Technology, Family, Divorce and Criminal law.


Visit Software Directory, a directory of software applications, scripts and utilities. The directory offers you a unique collection of scripts, software and utilities. Start your search for scripts now!

The directory accept listings for other script, software and utility sites out there!


If you manage a site in the travel industry you should list it with, a premium travel directory. This site has a range of excellent travel backlinks that will help improve your rankings for travel related search terms.


Best Web Directories

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In the online world, there’s one word that everybody likes to hear – Free. A free web directory, as the phrase implies, doesn’t require you to pay for you to submit your website. Some directory sites may request for a reciprocal link or a back link. This means you have to put the directory site’s URL or link anywhere in your own website. isa great source for ranking and reviews of internet directories. They have a great listof free web directories. You can also find niche directories for webmasters, blogs, and SE O.. Regional lists are available for Canada and theUK. They use their experience to offer a manualdirectory submission service. For a small fee, we will submit your site for you. We will choose the top directories that are actively adding listings for free.

General web directories are a great method of increasing your site's search engine rankings. Links are a must if you want to rank highly in Google, Yahoo or MSN. is an awesome choice of a SEO friendly general web directory. The Deep Link directory is another site that has listings of internal pages only. Their listings offer many SEO advantages. These two directories are SEO friendly in every way and they both accept deep links.


Gamers Forum

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Gamers Forum is a growing gaming community with thousands of posts. We have everything to accomodate all types of users. Visit us at and join us and our wonderful conversations.



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There's a new comedy site on the planet - - making folks laugh. It's a cross between Digg and MySpace where you can make friends, submit humor and vote on your favorite comedy submissions. GiggleBits is absolutely free to regiser and join. It's a brand new site so bring along some friends and help make the new humor site a bigger and better social comedy experience.

If you like discovering new humor websites and telling your friends about them this is a true find as it has only been live for barely a week. Be the first kid on your block to be a new member of the newest comedy site on the net -- GiggleBits.


Telecom For You

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Telecom for you blog is a place where you can find the latest sites coming up in the internet .Topic of sites ranges from Gadgets , Telecom, Broadband , Travel, Shopping, Auto, Sports basically all type websites will be discussed.

Blog is updated consistently to the fresh content. Telecom for you blog is the right place to find the interesting web sites coming up in the world of internet.


Blogs Blogs Blogs

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Lots of people have blogs these days. Every second person on the street has one, well almost every other one...
I read many blogs everyday and as my interests are quite varied , I end up spending a lot of time everyday on the internet. One of my interests happens to be soccer, and this soccer blog caught my eye. It covers stuff from the German Bundesliga to the English Premiership, and I like the style of the author. Some of the quizzes there are worth trying too. Nice break from some of the webmaster stuff that I do everyday.
I'll blog on the some of the other stuff that has caught my eye in the past a little later.


Powerful Lively Directory

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Powerful Lively Directory, is a general directory - meaning that it has a broad range of categories. From Arts to Travel and everything in between. The entries in the directory are of high quality sites only. The directory owner has ensured that the directory is clean and part of the strategy is by charging a fee for inclusion ensures that only quality sites will apply for a listing. The human edited paid web directory includes standard and featured listings.


Dm Web Directory

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Web directories are an essential part of any websites linking strategy when trying to achieve a high search engine rankings.

There are several key elements to look for when choosing a web directory to place your link in.

Look at the pagerank of the page that your link will appear on. You want to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to passing Pr.

Another important aspect of a web directory is the page strength of the web directory. Semoz offers a tool that will calculate the strength of the directory on a scale of 1-10,ten being the best.

Last I like to look at the number of outgoing links on the page that my link will appear. The less links the better because it will pass more Pr to you.

Dm web directory offers all of the features above for a very reasonable price. Also offered is an article directory for you to browse through.

The overall experience of the Dm Web Directory is very pleasant and easy to navigate. Stop by and feel free to browse the DM Web Directory and use one of our many SEO tools and or read our directory blog for up to date SEO information.

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Låne Penger

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Are you going to låne penger? Then you should think twice. At least if you are going to use a sms lån . That is very expenceive and not for everybody. A normal loan would be better and much cheaper too. Not every loan is a lån for deg. There are many sites on the web where you can loan money these days. One such site is "lån på internettet". If you need big money or small money, this is just the place where you can get the greatest advices. The first advice regarding this loan business would be not to get a smslån. So take care and spend your money well.


A Techie blog site for Technology lovers !!

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A blog for new technology lovers. Read about what is latest in internet, mobile, music players, movie players, medical/healthcare field, laptops, robots, computers, home technology, digital cameras, portables, Gadgets and many more. Blog is updated daily so that you can get fresh and interesting contents.
Also a new General directory is coming up to help you find the best sites on internet.


Brukte Biler

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brukte biler is a site that gives you just that. Its a new site that gives you news on brukte biler in norwegian. We all know how difficult it is to get them so here are a valuable resource. People may also look for billig-flybilletter for their travels. Traveling is getting cheaper and cheaper and to get billig-flybilletter is easy. Do not forget to vist forsikring before you are traveling, you do not want to leave home without forsikring, I promise you. And while you are away, take the address to this new site "sms-ringetoner" with you. It will become handy. billig-reiser is another new site wheree you get your tips and hint for the journey.


BlueSEO Reviews

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BlueSEO is a blog site primarily dedicated for everything Filipino. May it be about Search Engine Optimization, SEO tips, television shows, music, site reviews, or anything under the sun. As long as it’s made by Filipinos, dedicated for Filipinos, watched by Filipinos, or loved by Filipinos, then it all belongs here.

There are very interesting topics in Ituloy Angsulong. There is a tribute blog for the Eraserheads. A blog about Kapamilya Deal or No Deal and even a personal comment about all the reality shows on tv today. Generally though, most blogs are SEO-related.

This site is an entry for the 2nd SEO competition that promotes Search Engine Marketing. The winner for the “Ituloy AngSulong” competition will get up to P65,000 for garnering the highest cumulative rank. Prices range from P1,000 to as high as P65,000. The contest will end on February 23, 2007. So let’s all keep our fingers crossed as we wait for the announcement of winners.


Down Payment Assistance Programs for Home Buyers

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Are you a would-be homebuyer? What is stopping you from living the American Dream?

If the only thing standing between your future home purchase and your status, as a tenant, is the lack of a down payment, this article should provide you with an optimistic plan to achieve your home ownership goal. Did you know there are a number of government grants available to individuals just like you that will provide the necessary funding to cover the down payment of your new home? It is true. The United States Federal government wants every American citizen to own their own home.

When immigrants began coming to America many years ago, they came in pursuit of the "American Dream". It does not matter how one interprets this dream it usually involves the financial ability to own a home. Freedom is essentially founded in the ability to vote and the wealth to own a home of your own. For this reason, the government has set aside the necessary funds to help turn this dream into a reality for many of you. Why should Americans simply dream or live a dream when one can OWN the dream?

Home ownership is what this article intends to address and with help from websites such as BoxOfHomes, which features a homebuyers directory of down payment programs to explore, there is no longer any obstacle preventing you from securing the funds to purchase a home. Be certain to visit the Down Payment Assistance Directory to learn more. has a $800 posting contest

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Every forum is for publishing, say this explicitly. It's a webmaster forum with the accent on a web content: How to make a site, where to learn design, there is a strong advertising sections. You'll find pretty all SEO tools there. Links to places to submit your articles are provided and will be more. Exact places where to write articles and be paid for them are revealed.

It's a fairly new forum, they've set up a big promotion contest with $800 awards in cash. Contest has 3 parts: for top quality posts, for most posts, for the best contribution and for most points (go and check the rules). You can win in every part...

Not crowded at the moment, but you can expect exact answers on your questions. Fresh content highly appreciated.