A new forum concept

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It is not established yet, but a new concept of webmaster forum building is about to develop on DNLodge.com.

Programmers, graphic designers, SE optimizers, and all who run websites or earn online can come on DNLodge forum. $250 in cash and hosting, 5 domains, 1,000 forum posts and other prizes are given away in April's forum contest. Five members will be awarded.

If you are let's say programmer or article writer, you can offer your service on the forum and get SEO job done for you. This is a services sharing concept.

The second thing is a webmaster database. Now in the form of sticky posts and SEO Guide - can become a comprehensive source of anything worthy online, preliminary reviewed through forum discussion.

One of the most powerful forum drives are ONLINE NEWBIES; on a forum of currently small size questions are appreciated - they generate content discussion.

DNLodge runs on its own hosting server, you can get your site hosted there, for details see the contest page.