Wedding Invitations: Choosing the right wording and addressing.

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For invitations to wedding ceremony only, do not include an R.S.V.P. Dates and times should be written out (half after eight o’clock in the morning instead of 8:30, and the twenty-eighth of March instead of March 28)
Spell out the titles of a person, save that of Mr. And Mrs. Jr. is optional, though can be written out as junior – small j.

For truly formal events: Write the names in full, even the middle names. Rather than use an initial, it is better to omit. All the words must be spelled out, including the hour, the date, and the year. All the words in the address must be spelled out too – excepting Mount (Mt.) and Saint (St.). Zip codes are never included in the addresses. For names, use Roman Numerals (IV except “4th” or “the fourth”) The use of the British spellings “favour” and “honour” are entirely appropriate, though you may opt for the regular spelling if you want to.
Use proper request lines: “Request the pleasure of your company” If the ceremony will take place in a house of worship, use “Request the honour of your presence” instead. “The favour of a reply is requested", “Respond please”, or “R.S.V.P.” should be written on the reception card. In the absence of such cards, “reception immediately following” may be included on the last line of the invitation, at the lower left-hand corner. “Share and celebrate in their joy”