Why Paypal Sucks ?

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Paypal is not good for big business and sending huge amount of money. How many times have you heard this story.

so i signed up in paypal and account is fully verfied and i'm from usa.
I have been selling digital download products and streaming videos, at a month i had sales of around $3,000 and how stupid i was not to take out the money off paypal. so what i did was kept my money in paypal without withdrawl and i kept the money in paypal for 2-3 months without and my total sales added up to around $10k. So finally i decided to withdawl the full balance when i requested the transfer after a day paypal reversed the payment and put a hold on my account, so paypal emailed me saying i have to send my photo id + address verification. i'm like ok and i sent all the documents, then they restored the account and my 2nd attempt to to take out the money they again reversed the money back. and put my account status to limited. Now they called me asked me what kind of buisness i run, etc etc etc. So i have told them everything, but what they said was my buisness was highly risky to them and they wont release my funds, their terms of services says i have to wait for 180 days before they can release my money, i had a big argument with them but they wont release the money, so that was it, also one of their paypal guy told me they might release a portion of the funds after few months if i dont have any chargebacks, so i emailed them after 2 months and no reply at all they just stoped replying to emails.

Now its been like 5 months they are not releasing my funds , i have to wait 1 more month to get my money back from them. in the past 5 months i dont have a single chargeback on my account. So what was their point ? Just kept my money for no reason.

This things happend to lotta people i suggest u stay off from paypal if u have big sales, they steal ur money. There's also a site with full of people's phone tap talking to paypal customer services where they deny your rights, paypal also said they wont ever close your account, and keeep ur credit card information and Bank information. So basically they are saying u can't terminate your account with them. Thats just wrong when u open an account u can close it there has to be an end. But they refused that.
Here's the site for your research on why not to use paypal, and check out real people's experience with paypal with phone conversation.
Support Google Checkout instead.

In related news. Bomb explosions has been reported at the building housing PayPal. Could it be somebody got so pissed because his account is limited? Could it be a pissed off customer? Or was it eBay's "explosive" growth? Seems they screwed the wrong guy this time. Good thing that nobody got hurt. Looks like someone didn't like getting his paypal account frozen. ;)