Windows Media Player 11 Final

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WMP11 is now available for download. I want to try it but Im quite hesitant. It looks shiny and has a lot of "eye candy" but winamp plays my music just fine and VLC player plays all the videos other player cant. Is it really worth the upgrade? Where can I find Windows Media Player 11 reviews? Paul Thurrott doesnt have any review at the moment.

New Features
* A visually driven experience using thumbnail and album art, an elegant and simple design, and customization capabilities for more personalized interaction
* Improved device experience with new shuffle sync and reverse sync options, device exploration using the library view, and intuitive help icons that ensure seamless and intuitive syncing and burning of rights-managed content
* Highly simplified navigation capabilities, enhanced shortcut options, and dedicated category views for all media types, including music, photos and video
* Better access to content with deep integration of services that blurs the line between online service and media player experiences
* Industry-first audio fingerprinting capabilities that recognize and import track information for unidentified or misnamed audio files
* New formats for ripping and music playback, including Windows Media Audio Professional and WAV Lossless