Naomi Campbell vs Manny Pacquiao Live on Las Vegas.

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Back at home and just finished watching the movie The Prestige. Ive been waiting for this movie and I wasnt disappointed. The story is oh so new plus perfect casting, I mean Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, and Ms. Scarlett Johansson, she looks like a goddess. What more can you ask for. And they all look good in those period costumes.

Speaking of celebs and supermodels. Why are the news always about fighting lately. Its like browser wars again. Mozilla vs IE was to yesterday and Naomi vs her maid, vs her dog today. Where is the love? This girl has some serious problems. She hates the world. Hmm makes me think who will Naomi Campbell attack next week. Will it be Antonio Barerra, Manny Pacquiao or Erik Morales? But as of the moment “IT’S NUTTA versus MUCCA” Naomi Campbell vs Heather Mills fighting for some title.