Firefox 2 officially released

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Mozilla released Firefox 2 today. Im using it right now with 15+ extensions. One extension or "add ons" as it is now called that I really like is Adblock Plus. I would use FF for Adblock Plus alone. Another good thing, session saver feature is already built-in. Yeah, IE7 is already out too after millions of years, thank God armageddon has not yet dawned to annihilate all the evilness of this world and guess what IE7 charges for some of the addons!!

Too many features to mention. Download FF and see for yourself! And Surprise, Surprise! Windows Live Mail Beta runs on Firefox 2.

Firefox 2.0 recommended addons:

Adblock Plus - removes ads including some flash ads.

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer - keep your bookmarks synchronized on any computer.